About Us

"Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about."

This saying rings true for me with regards to interior design and home décor.  The ability to express yourself through design and decoration never gets boring to me. Your surroundings can change as often as you would like them to and I love the endless possibilities that provides.

Now couple that with repurposing vintage and antiques furnishings and it can only amount to a win-win scenario. Recycling and upcycling forgotten furniture is not only friendly for the environment but the best way to continue the life of time honored craftsmanship and historical relevance through design.  It is vitally important to drift away from what some would consider a "throw away" culture and revert back to responsible sustainability of our present resources. To find a piece that was hand crafted and not machined represents a devotion to detail that deserves appreciation.

I guess that is what my passion boils down to is the act of appreciating what came before and giving it back to the world with a little tender loving care and imagination.

Thank you for reading about my passion and I wish you great joy making your surroundings reflect who you are.

Best of times,

Julie Hickman - Project Vintage US