Tiny Inspiration Leads The Way

"A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

My favorite mornings are the one's I make time to sit in the garden just after sunrise.  This is the best time for contemplation, observation and to listen to the sounds of nature waking up while the rest of the neighborhood is still silent.

A few month's ago, I made somewhat of a mission to wait to see something in flight prior to leaving the garden. It wouldn't matter if it was a plane flying overhead, a bird, a dragonfly, or a butterfly. Just something that flew above me. Once that happened, I could start my day thinking the universe was listening. Without fail, I was not disappointed. I may have had to wait a few more minutes some mornings but the universe always came through. That's what happens when you make a point to look for something special in your normal every day, you almost always find it.

It's when I get a glimpse of a hummingbird that truly makes my morning special! Watching and studying their movements can leave one mesmerized. They say that the hummingbird flaps it's wings 100 times per second and their heart beats 60 to 80 times per second.  They are the only bird that can fly backwards and diagonally. Their wings flap in the shape of infinity! The dainty hummingbird weighing only a few ounces represents love, determination and fearlessness. It is impossible not to be inspired by these beautiful and elusive birds. All they need is nectar, cause no harm to other species and delight any lucky onlooker wherever they are found. That has to be the best message to send out to the world. No matter how small, no matter the challenge, stay determined and fearless while never harming another. Up until now, I've never been as fascinated with these creatures but I'm glad to say that has changed dramatically. Change is inevitable so why not make a change for the better.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a local Farmer's Market here in my hometown. This was the very first time I was going to show and possibly sell my reimagined vintage pieces in public.  I've frequented many farmer's markets and flea markets but never as a vendor.  Being on the shy and introverted side, I was a tad nervous prior to showing up. That's how it is with me. I'm nervous meeting new people. I'm nervous doing new things. Being born and bred here doesn't make one iota of difference when it comes to new experiences. With my new appreciation for the tiny dancer that is the hummingbird, I didn't talk myself out of going. I do that often. I talk myself out of a lot of things. But, I find when the new experience can only benefit myself and others with no chance of harm, I have an easier time following through. Nothing could be lost by participating and much could be gained. I could get the chance to be cordial to others. I could inspire someone else to take on a creative project of their own. I could bring someone joy by supplying a piece they fall in love with. Nothing but good things could happen. Even if I didn't sell anything at all, it was good exposure for my business. I believe that's what they refer to as a win-win situation.

(It's fine, the further away the better! As long as I can hide behind my lovely forgotten treasures.)

( I Always feel more confident when family is around!)

Selling refurbished, upcycled and reimagined vintage furniture started solely as an online venture and the focus of marketing was to be online only. The whole, initial appeal with this business was that I could do what I love, be creative and sell online to anyone, anywhere at anytime while not having to put myself out there. Since then I've found that the bulk of my sales happen locally, which saves customers from additional shipping costs and gives me the ability to deliver my items directly to the people who appreciate them. To be completely honest, I was not expecting to enjoy meeting new people as much as I have. I found myself looking forward to meeting the individuals that expressed so much appreciation for repurposed furniture (albeit still nervous but excited). It beckons back to my realization earlier, "when you make a point to look for something special in your normal every day, you almost always find it".

This takes looking on the bright side to another level. You Make Your Own Bright Side!

This recent breakthrough of putting myself out there, no matter how small the venue, is incrementally expanding my comfort zone. That's how I wish to look at it. The more I put myself out there, the bigger my comfort zone becomes.  That should always be the goal, to be comfortable with yourself from the inside out. 

I have to again thank the humble yet beautiful hummingbird for the inspiration to go beyond what I thought I could do.  Did my heart beat a little faster than normal, you bet it did. Did I come away proud of what I accomplished, . . . Absolutely!

I would like to leave you with a wonderful song by Xavier Rudd called Follow the Sun. It is no coincidence that the Mayan's thought of the hummingbird as "the sun in disguise".

Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd

Always stay classy,

Julie Hickman

Project Vintage US



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