Strangers in the night...

I arrived at the designated spot for this prearranged transaction to take place.  I was a little nervous because this was our first encounter meeting each other.  I can't recall ever meeting someone for the first time at night in the parking lot of a CVS drug store but the location gave needed security and visibility if something were to go array.

It all sounds so covert and mysterious doesn't it?  Perhaps I'm being slightly overdramatic describing my first furniture sale and exchange (Ha). My customer was named Shelly and we handled the offer over Facebook Messenger.  She showed up right on time in her very inconspicuous silver minivan. She had just gotten off from her 12 hour shift as a floor nurse still wearing her scrubs. She became smitten with a pair of formerly carved up and discarded arrow back Windsor chairs I had refurbished and painted a ruby red.

All the nerves quickly dissipated when she had to show me how she was going to incorporate them into her new dining room.  She whipped out her phone and proceeded to show me all the plans and pictures she had for remodeling and decorating her home. At that moment, it hit me as to why I enjoy what I do so much.  The people that want to buy vintage and refurbished furniture are true design and decorating lovers. There is no pretentiousness but just a real enthusiasm for the furniture pieces solely for their uniqueness and style. You instantly know when someone expresses an interest in your upcycled pieces, they are cut from the same cloth as you. 

We hit it off and a month later she went out and found (4) more chairs for me to paint for her.  I will always remember this first business transaction fondly and realize that my decision to continue reimagining and reinvigorating vintage finds is a very worthwhile endeavor and ongoing passion.



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