Patience is a Superpower!

I have been bombarded by images of being patient in what I've been seeing, reading and feeling lately which I fully believe is a message directly to me from the universe.

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”
Paulo Coelho

It is always funny when we set a goal and once we attain it, it loses it's original importance.  I think this is a normal reaction because we are never quite satisfied with the status quo.  There is always something more to strive for or attain that will be even better. The only problem with constant achieving is that we start to forget why we set out to achieve something in the first place.  Was it to gain more accolades, more money, more answers to burning questions, or just to see if we could do it at all.  That is what I try to remind myself of when I am impatient for rewards once a goal is achieved.  Instant gratification is just that, it vanishes as instantly as it's received. Sometimes it is even better for rewards or success to happen slowly in a more meaningful way.

I have been teaching myself to be content in the moments before, during and after completing my upcycling projects.  The moment when I see my next project in a forgotten piece that's in a sad and sorry state is also the time I feel I've found secret, sunken treasure. 

No one else can see what I see and that helps to empower me to give life to what I envision.  The process in which I come up with colors, design updates and upgrading purpose and practicality of a piece brings a special joy that is hard to beat. Where I find patience is at its most crucial place is when you are nearly finished with the project.  This is where my inner monologue begins. Does it represent my initial vision? Are those small flaws that come with vintage pieces unforgivable?  Is it just good enough?  Is it perfect?  The most important question I end up asking myself is if it's good enough for me?  After all, it has my name on it.  I own the results. It represents who I am and the standards I keep.

The real reward comes when others express their gratitude for your efforts and finished projects.  When others see the effort you put in and acknowledge your vision was indeed what the piece needed to make it sing again. Other gifted vintage furniture rescuers enjoying and remarking on your work is a special kind of reward that I am truly grateful for.

As with any business, the goal is for someone to purchase my pieces but that can't be the only goal.  Each project has many stages or goals that have to be achieved for any reward to be meaningful. Once all the goals are met and the perfect buyer comes along who appreciates and commits to adding a piece to their home's story, that is where the ultimate success lies. Until that moment happens, being patient and taking pleasure in each moment of the creative process is my SUPERPOWER!

Always stay classy,

Julie Hickman

Project Vintage



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