Next Stop: Your Imagination

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

Those ideas that come to you on the flittering wings of fairies represent the real direction you should take but it's the second guessing of those thoughts that take your focus away from what was pure imagination. Thinking of imagination as a destination is so accurate in the sense that you wish to be momentarily transported to a new place that doesn't exist. Not yet anyway.


How many times do we come up with an artistic idea but immediately discredit it because it might be considered silly or improper. By whose terms are our thoughts silly? Well, it's our own. When you come to terms that being imaginative means there is no such thing as silly or improper, it is almost "too" liberating. You are free to imagine anything you like without boundaries, limits or rejection. This is what makes working with my hands, mind and imagination so utterly fulfilling. 


In the months since I've started Project Vintage, I have come in contact with such lovely people who dare to see the world in a more beautiful, more colorful and more free form manner. These sensitive souls bring magic alive by transferring their creative and imaginative thoughts onto real and tangible things. Their art, be it a painting, mural, sculpture or furniture, is a genuine piece of their imagination for others to view. There is nothing more personal than that which comes from the heart of one's imagination.

There has been much written lately about the benefits of being vulnerable. Some may take this to mean disclosing sensitive aspects of one's life in order to show that we are relatable to others with regard to our problems and struggles. I would add that someone's creative offerings also qualify as an act of vulnerability. You are putting a precious piece of you out there with no shield to hide behind. A good friend who happens to be a poet wrote once "it is like being on stage, naked and blindfolded." Now what could be more vulnerable than that?

I think of the offerings of others with this vulnerability in mind. I consider what it took to put heart and soul into a piece of work and present it to the world, a very brave and courageous act. Not only that, but also a gracious act as well. These, to me, are viewed as gifts. Gifts given in the hopes they will be accepted and appreciated. I gladly give my appreciation to these gentle artisans who see beauty in all things as well as people. I believe seeing and appreciating the talents of others also help to boost my own creativity and imagination. So here's to your imagination! May you seek it, think it, dream it and ultimately share it with the world! 

Below is a link to "Pure Imagination" as seen on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was a pleasant serendipity that I used that phrase in the opening of this blog post.

Best of times,

Julie Hickman

Project Vintage US


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