Bring Out Your Joy

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Jalaluddin Rumi

There are few things that bring out joy like doing something that you love. We've heard it many times that to love what you do means never having to work a day in your life.  I happen to believe there is a lot of credibility in that statement.  I was reminded of this very fact when my husband and I decided to go on an impromptu excursion out of town to see a music concert.

The concert was being played at an Indian casino right outside of San Bernardino in a town I've never even heard of before. We got a great deal on a room at the Holiday Inn Express and had time enough to squeeze in dinner before the concert started.  Where to eat is always an interesting dance between the carnivore cravings of my husband and the green, leafy herbivore that I have become the last few years.  Usually I am content with a salad, which can always be found on most menus, but lucky for us the town had a Thai food restaurant just down the street from the hotel with great online reviews.

When we walked in, we were the only ones in the restaurant and the owner told us "sit wherever you like". While he handed us our menu's, he told us that we had to order a lot since it was slow and we were the only ones there, which was an obvious but charming appeal for a laugh. We happily obliged. His smile was one of those smiles that could only come from a lightness deep within. He explained that the menu was a big as a bible and his wife can cook anything you like, however you like it. "More meat than veggies or you can substitute whatever meat  you want with any dish". Well, that lead into informing him that one eats meat and one only vegetables. 

"Ah, very healthy, that's good!", he said. "We cook very healthy here. We don't use extra salt and don't use sugar to sweeten our food. Sugar substitutes are very bad for you!" My husband and I would smile while exchanging glances at each other while our host was describing his philosophy on a healthy body. "First is God, then your body. I'm 68 years old and I am still very active, don't drink, smoke or eat sugar. Everything and everyone is temporary so it's very important that you treat your body well while you're here on earth."

As he left for the kitchen, my husband and I both expressed how happy this man seemed. Not a forced kind of happy, but a deep seated joy sprang from him. I think we all know it when we meet those people who are truly happy.  Truly happy people are not people who have everything they want but people who are perfectly content with what they have while doing what they love. He was proud to tell us about his food, his philosophy and how happy he is with his life choices.  That shows a kind of inner peace and confidence that only comes from a belief higher than self.

Getting to that place in life is what I believe everyone strives for. We want to find something to do that fulfills our soul and allows us to contribute a piece of ourselves back to our communities.  This man found his great joy running his family owned restaurant serving the healthiest food possible to his fellow man. Someone else may find that kind of joy inventing new cleaning products or exercise equipment. I rejoice in the fact that this kind of self-discovery is still alive and well in the world. Finding out what makes our soul scream out with joy is why we are ultimately here.

Speaking of doing something you love doing . . ., decorating and creating beauty is what I love to do.  It's always been what I've loved to do but never thought seriously about taking it past the hobby stage. I think things happen when they are supposed to happen and now is the time to realize my dreams of creating beauty for others.

" I love the nightstand!!! It was well packed to protect the item. The seller was very helpful and really took care of everything :-) Thank you so much, I really enjoy my purchase, it's a piece of art :-)"  - Ewa - valued Project Vintage US customer

If I can enhance someone's surroundings by a piece of reimagined, upcycled furniture then I am happy and blessed to do so.  When someone calls what I do or a piece of furniture I've transformed as "art", I experience the same kind of joy that our friendly host at the Thai restaurant feels.  A deep inner joy that comes from doing what you love is what I wish for everyone.  How you find out what that particular thing is will be your greatest revelation when it presents itself. Just make sure to listen when it does.

What makes your soul scream for joy? What is something that you have always felt joy doing? Perhaps you are already are doing what you love, I would love to hear about it!

I have attached the song How'd You Like That by The Kooks because it's another happy tune that carries the phrase our joyful host repeated often. Yes, we liked it very much!!

 How'd You Like That by The Kooks


Always stay classy,

Julie Hickman

Project Vintage US

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