Bonafide and True


“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to
succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”
Abraham Lincoln

I think we can all agree that any failure Abraham Lincoln experienced in his life was far outweighed by his successes, as well as, his incomparable legacy and contribution to western civilization.  We can choose to learn from Abraham Lincoln's example of living with integrity, remaining humble yet fearless with regards to our values and convictions. Being genuine and real with others requires us to always be genuine and real with ourselves.

Putting on airs or pretenses in order to impress others is always a losing proposition and one I would imagine demands constant and grueling maintenance.  It reminds me of the quote from Mark Twain, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Just imagine how exhausting it would be to keep up a persona that doesn't fit who you are, especially when the real and genuine you is undoubtedly far more fabulous than any made up image you can think of.

Being your authentic self is what the world deserves to see and what you owe yourself to be...(hey, that rhymes ;-)). Just as I was typing away on this blogpost I received a text message from my sister.  You see, every other Sunday is mine and my siblings customary visit to my parents house and this particular Sunday I chose to stay home and make headway on  projects. I did this knowing there might be some blowback from either my mother, my sister or BOTH. I don't like to disappoint anyone and that goes double for family members but sometimes it's unavoidable when trying to fulfill ones own needs and desires.  Wow, fulfilling ones own needs and desires sounds so selfish when written out loud! (Ha) You know what? If I'm being selfish, so be it! The disappointment my mother and sister felt quickly dissipated when I made the suggestion to meet for lunch somewhere sometime next week, . . . my treat! Crisis averted and all while remaining my authentic self. No need to invent some grandiose excuse for not complying to what is merely an assumed obligation. When you choose to keep it real, there is no reason to feel guilt, worry or stress. We should never have to apologize for being ourselves and living our truth. If you find yourself always apologizing for what you say and do, it's time to make some changes.

(A pair of Versailles style straw seat barstools I picked up)

(Doing what you love means you always have something to smile about!)

(Voila! Nothing like raising the excitement factor a tad! I chose a more unconventional approach rather than traditional.)

It's those people who aren't afraid to be blunt, frank or even inappropriate that I find the most admirable. I'm not talking about people who say controversial things just for the attention or for the shock factor. I'm talking about the kind of inappropriate honesty that makes someone completely endearing to everyone they meet. There's always that person that you know who will always say what they mean and mean what they say. That person you never have to guess what they are thinking because they will gladly tell you with no coercion needed. If you are lucky enough to know someone like this, consider yourself blessed!  If you don't, no need to worry. If you are the later, why not  consider being that person for yourself and others?

It needs to be said that when I speak about "inappropriate honesty" I DO NOT mean being rude or hurtful to others. Being rude or hurtful with your words is nothing more than bullying. Usually the kind of person you consider inappropriately honest is the exact opposite of a bully.  They are well-intentioned and willing to be the butt of their own jokes and stories. They have confidence but not an inflated ego. They are the first to stand up for someone else who is getting bullied. They enjoy making others feel better about themselves while making them laugh at the same time. I aspire to be more of this type of person each and every day.  To be able to inspire others to believe in themselves and to remember to laugh even when experiencing life's hardships is one of the noblest acts there are. If you can do that for the people in your life then you have achieved "Hero" status in my book!

Keep being a genuine work of art! I have included a link to "Sound of Sunshine" by Michael Franti & Spearhead because I love a happy tune and was listening to it while painting my weekend project.

Always stay classy,

Julie Hickman

Project Vintage US


Thank you for taking the time to read my blogpost and feel free to message me your thoughts and comments. I started writing pieces and posts to prove to myself I could articulate my thoughts in a way that made sense. I realized soon after that it was somewhat therapeutic to express my thoughts about life's mysterious twists and turns as well as all the wonderful lessons we learn on the way.




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